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Tips to Bring Your Home From Boring to Bold

Tips to Bring Your Home From Boring to Bold

Have you ever walked into your home and just plain felt bored? If you’ve ever longed to do something more dramatic in your home, make a statement of some kind, then this is for you! Here’s how you can breathe some life into a lackluster home:

The best way to begin is by having a strong concept from the very beginning about the direction you want to go. Define it up front and then stay true to it all the way to the end of the design process. Your vision doesn’t have to be complex; in fact it can be as simple as a color or theme.

Get creative! Paint a wall in bold stripes, turn an old ceramic flowerpot upside down and use it as a drink table, re-purpose old wooden crates and stack them for shelving. Any time you can incorporate a bit of unorthodoxy you are adding zest, but be careful about staying true to your overall vision.

Accent walls make any space more interesting through the use of color or patterns. A simple, single-colored accent wall allows playful fabric patterns to stand out and highlights accessories, while a bolder patterned accent wall demands more attention and makes dramatic wall décor and tabletop accessories less necessary.

Add some statement pieces to your space. Furnishings can be purchased new or used, vintage or contemporary, or you can even dress up your current furnishings with some color, like painting a desk or end table. Consider having a piece of furniture reupholstered with a textured or playful fabric pattern.

Although 2019 is the year of color, using fewer colors is actually a bolder choice than using a wide range of hues. But you have to see the vision through. For instance, if you love blue and white, do the whole room in blue and white and don’t vary from it.

Make a statement by using the same fabric, whether solid or patterned, on every piece of upholstered furniture in the room. The effect is that the furniture almost recedes, leaving people to notice the shape of the furniture itself. You could also take this one step further and use the same fabric on window dressings and pillows as well.

Know when to say when! Intentional minimalism makes an impact. What doesn’t? A room that is either crammed full of so much stuff you don’t know where to look, or a room that is obviously unfinished. Intention is when you have the right objects in the right places.

A helpful exercise for those inclined to clutter is to remove everything from all the surfaces in a room and then putting them back one at a time in different spots, with intention. You’ll inevitably have items left over when you’re done.

Just because you live in a traditional-style home doesn’t mean you need to furnish it with traditional pieces. While some experts believe it’s important to be true to your home’s architectural style when having work done to the shell (moldings, bathroom fixtures, kitchen), your furniture doesn’t have to match the period of the house. In fact, many times that’s what makes it interesting – the surprise of seeing contemporary furniture in a classic home.

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