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Tips on Buying and Hanging Curtain Panels

Tips on Buying and Hanging Curtain Panels

Affordable and readily available, curtain panels make updating your windows a breeze. Here are a few tips for buying and hanging curtains so you can gain a fresh, stylish look fast!

Want to perk up a room, but don’t have a lot of time or money to spend on it? Ready-made curtain panels, available in trendy patterns and colors, offer a quick and easy solution. Choose from tab-top or grommet styles for quick hanging, or upgrade simple rod-pocket panels by adding clip-on rings. Most off-the-shelf rods come with their own mounting hardware, so hanging the rods and panels is a snap.

These basics will walk you through selection and placement:

Curtain Panel Length

To calculate the minimum necessary curtain panel length (not including tabs or rings), measure from the floor to just above the window casing. This is the measurement you will use when purchasing curtain panels. After your purchase the curtains, simply mount the rod to match the panel length.

Curtain Panel Width

Optimally, each panel should be at least as wide as the window to ensure the best look when the curtains are closed. When panels are too narrow and stretched across a window, it tends to make everything look mismatched and out of scale. Also, mount the rod brackets 6 inches outside the window frame. This allows the curtain panels to be pushed away from the glass, allowing light in and the window itself to be on display.

Adjusting Panels

Sometimes when curtain panels are sold in singles, there is a minor length discrepancy. Solution? Measure each panel before hanging and if there is a slight difference, hang the panels based on the shortest one. If the difference is significant or noticeable, you may need to hem.

Opening and Closing

Take into consideration how often you’ll be opening and closing the curtains before you decide on what style curtain panel to choose. Panels with grommets or rings are easier to slide along rods than those with tabs. Rod-pocket style panels are the most difficult to open and close.

Energy Efficiency

To reduce heat from sunlight in the summer and cold air in the winter, choose panels that extend well beyond the window frame on all sides. A more powerful energy-efficient choice is teaming the panels with a cellular shade mounted inside the window frame.

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