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Summer Entertaining Must-Haves for Millennials

Summer Entertaining Must-Haves for Millennials

Graduate from crass college bashes to more sophisticated gatherings with these basic essentials. Not required? A large house with a sprawling backyard and pool.

Station for Hydration

Any successful host or hostess knows that the beverage game is key. Instead of running around in circles trying to make sure every guest is hydrated and has a full drink, create a station with drink dispensers. Infused water, iced tea, batch cocktails, sangria — there are endless possibilities! As a bonus, you’ll actually be able to enjoy your party without having to play bartender.

Bar Cart

An accessory to your hydration station, the bar cart (or at least a designated spot for drink ingredients and other drink-related items) is a place to keep supplies handy. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant, it just needs to have wheels so it is easy to move around when setting up for a party.

Fire Pit — Even for Apartments!

Nothing is more cozy than sitting by a summer evening fire. If you are fortunate enough to have a yard for an actual campfire, great. But for those with limited space or not wanting to accommodate a full-on campfire experience, consider a smaller version with a contained fire pit or a tabletop fire bowl. They are perfect for a patio or porch setting and come in many sizes and styles (even tabletop that are cleared for apartment use), so you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your situation.

Eco-Friendly Disposable Cutlery

There are times in life where disposable utensils are a must. The good news? No longer does this mean having to use the typical plastic options. There are now environmentally-friendly options available made out of wood, that not only are fully compostable, but look much classier.


Outdoor parties are great, but you definitely need the right lighting balance to keep the space lit, but not too lit. A set of strung indoor/outdoor cafe lights do the job nicely. More sophisticated looking than Christmas lights, you can easily hang a string of these sleek orbs and entertain well into the evening hours.

Outdoor Table

From breakfast to late-night wine gatherings, an outdoor table set is a must. Choose one that fits your style and function, but also fits the size of your space. A too-large or too-small table can make all the difference when it comes to creating a comfortable atmosphere for guests.

Melamine Dishes

What is the compromise between paper plates and your nice dinnerware? Melamine. Forget about the ugly paper plates and keep your dinnerware safely in the cupboard. Melamine plates are sturdy, unbreakable, dishwasher safe and come in a wide range of styles and prints. The best part? The peace of mind you’ll have when your tipsy friend drops one and it doesn’t shatter.

Portable Grill

For those without the space or need for a large grill, consider a compact tabletop grill. Not only does it transport easy for camping trips, picnics or tailgating, it’s great for late night snacks out on the patio with friends.

Twinkle Lights

A perfect companion to cafe lights, twinkle lights are versatile and great for setting the mood. Typically remote-controlled, they come in strands that can be used wherever you need a warm glow — the garden, living room or even dining table.

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