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Small-Room Solutions for the Living Room

Small-Room Solutions for the Living Room

By manipulating design elements like furniture choice, room arrangement, color and storage options, you can make a significant impact on how large or small a room feels. Use one or more of these small-room solutions to make your small living room live large.

Soften the Background

Space Saving Element: Makes the background visually fade away.

To create the illusion of the room’s perimeter receding into the background, paint everything the same color — the walls, trim and ceiling. Complete the look with sheer curtains that match. While cooler colors instantly make a room look larger by reflecting light, white tends to give the most bang for the buck.

Armless Chairs

Space Saving Element: Armless or slender-arm chairs and sofas.

The harsh truth is that in small living rooms, inches matter. That’s why armless chairs and sofas can actually make the difference between having enough seats and being overcrowded.

Double-Duty Storage

Space Saving Element: Undercover storage units.

Hide your clutter in storage units that serve double-duty, such as using a trunk as a coffee table. Not only will it add character and depth to the room, you can stash all kinds of things inside out of view from guests, like extra throw pillows and blankets, or even children’s toys.

Another great double-duty choice is an oversize ottoman. With the simple addition of a tray, it can go from a casual piece to put your feet on to one fit for more formal entertaining. Round is a popular choice for tight spaces, as it reduces the pain of inevitable bumped knees.

Embrace Art

Space Saving Element: Artwork adds big doses of style without taking up valuable room.

Without taking up any precious floor space, artwork goes a long way to up the style factor in small living rooms. Try to choose a few bigger pieces rather than a bunch of small frames to cut down on visual busyness.

Make It Clear

Space Saving Element: Clear furniture and accessories that do not visually take up space.

With some fabulous acrylic furniture designs on the market today, consider using an acrylic coffee table or side table as a stylish and almost invisible solution to your tiny living room. Sturdy but lightweight, acrylic tables do their job admirably, look amazing, but add very minimal visual weight.

Creative Storage

Space Saving Element: Behind-the-sofa storage.

If your small living room leaves you without space for a tall bookcase, opt for a shorter one and use it behind your sofa like a console table.

Bare Floors

Space Saving Element: Incorporating bare floors visually expands a space.

Nothing beats an unbroken sweep of wood flooring to make a room look larger. Improve on it by angling the furniture, which will prevent the room from feeling too boxy.

Tall Cool One

Space Saving Element: Create the illusion of more space by hanging curtains high on the wall.

Visually expand your vertical space by raising the roof on a small, boxy room. Simply hang your window dressings just under the ceiling instead of right above the window frames.

Magic Mirror

Space Saving Element: Large mirrors on one wall create the illusion of spaciousness.

By bouncing light all around and reflecting other parts of the room, mirrors make a striking focal point while doubling the visual dimensions of a small room.

Simple Color Palette

Space Saving Element: A clean, simple color palette will make the room appear larger.

For a streamlined and well-coordinated look, try sticking to a simple color palette of one or two hues. For instance, if you choose subtle, creamy beige walls and furniture, pops of color will serve to create interest while touches of wood tones become the anchor.

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