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Small Mudroom Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

Small Mudroom Ideas You’ll Want to Steal

If you think your tiny entryway doesn’t have enough room for a mudroom, then you have another think coming! Use these space-saving ideas to help carve out the perfect solution for your home.

A powerhouse when it comes to function, very few spaces can top a mudroom. Unfortunately, many homeowners are short on space and either cannot make room for a full-on dedicated mudroom or think they have too little room to work with to create a simple go-to spot for their family.

If that’s the case in your house, just know that with a few clever design ideas and some maxed-out storage you’ll be able to craft an incredibly functional small mudroom-like space. Here’s what you need to consider:

Small Mudroom Basics

Regardless of size, virtually every mudroom needs several things to optimize efficiency and convenience:

  • Somewhere to hang things: Like jackets, book bags, pet leashes, and scarves.
  • A place to stash things: Such as hats, gloves, and small sporting items.
  • Seating: So that people can sit and put on and take off shoes, among other things.

Space-Saving Storage Solutions

Once you start evaluating the design elements you have to work with and allow yourself to think outside of the generally accepted uses for them, you’ll be surprised at how much usable space you actually have. Consider implementing these ideas, or use them to inspire your own solutions:

  • Doors: Solid doors provide plenty of vertical space for hooks, while doors featuring windows at the top are useful for hanging items on the bottom.
  • Walls with narrow clearance: An inch-deep space between a wall and a door, for instance, may not be enough room for a shelf, but it’s the perfect spot to hang a narrow dry-erase board or calendar.
  • Window trim: If your space happens to have a window with a wide surround, use it for hooks. As a bonus, these spaces that are lower to the ground are easy for little ones to access on their own.
  • Wall space surrounding doors and windows: Narrow shelves are a great solution for long-term storage of small seasonal items, like gloves and hats.
  • Mobile and multi-use items: Accessories that move or adapt are perfect additions to small mudrooms. A small bench on wheels with shelves below is particularly useful.
  • Narrow drawers and cubbies: If possible, divide any space for storage into small cubbies and drawers, and assign them to family members. Don’t be afraid to extend the storage all the way down to the floor to make use of every inch.

Small Mudroom Design Tips

Use these tips for a successfully designed small mudroom:

  • Make it personal: Small does not have to mean boring. Boost your entryway by injecting color, pattern and personality.
  • Focus on durability: Seek out materials that are able to withstand a lot of daily traffic and dirt, and are easily cleaned.
  • Focus on the details: Just because it’s small doesn’t make it a throwaway space. Use attractive hardware, creative paint, interesting lighting, and other special design options to decorate the area and tie it to the rest of your home.

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