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Simple Ways to Add Coziness to Your Home This Winter

Simple Ways to Add Coziness to Your Home This Winter

Now that cold weather has settled in for the season, it’s time to focus on turning your home into a cozy refuge. Use these tips — like incorporating heavier fabrics, plush accents, and seasonal patterns — to provide that extra layer of comfort.

Turn to Warm Colors

Combat the icy cold outside with a warm interior color palette. Hues like rusty red, mustard yellow, olive green and burn orange are great additions to neutral color schemes. Simply swap out existing textiles, art and accessories with ones that feature these colors. To avoid a heavy look, be sure to balance saturated shades with lots of warm white.

Add Cozy Lighting

Use your home’s lighting to make up for the lack of sunlight in the winter. Fixtures that put out a warm, soft glow can contribute to a cozy ambiance. Consider changing up your furniture arrangement so that floor and table lamps lighten up dark corners or provide enough light to read comfortably. To get that all-important subtle glow, try semi-opaque shades on your lamps, which will diffuse the light, or swap out your bulbs for ones with a warmer color temperature.

Use Natural Elements

Since most of us are spending more time indoors in general, and especially now that the colder weather has arrived, it’s a good idea to bring some of the outdoors inside through natural decorative elements like plants and wood accents. You can also tap into nature’s ability to comfort and relax people by accessorizing with other natural materials such as leather, linen textiles, rattan or aged metals. Not only will they bring comfort, they’ll also provide layers of natural texture.

Layer Throw Blankets

Pull out those cozy throws and layer them over chairs, couches, benches and beds to encourage winter snuggles. Nubby knit blankets in seasonal colors and patterns will serve double duty since they also bring a nice accent to a room.

Another great element to combat chilly winter months are quilts. Comforting and nostalgic (especially if they are family heirlooms), they work well on beds for extra warmth or can even be purely decorative. Simply mount the entire quilt on the wall or frame pieced squares.

Refocus Room Around the Hearth

Nothing says cozy warmth like a crackling fire, and in the winter time people are innately drawn to it. That’s why it’s important to facilitate this natural tendency with extra seating around the fireplace. Even if it’s just for the fall and winter months, consider rearranging your room so that the conversation area centers around the hearth. Smaller chairs or stools can be added so that people can easily move closer to the warm fire.

Swap Out Lightweight Drapes

Say goodbye to your summer sheers and hello to heavier patterned drapes. Window dressings in heavier fabrics will keep out drafts, in addition to bringing an elegance to your space. Be sure to hang them from ceiling to floor for best effect. To avoid potential tripping issues and to ward off dust, they should end slightly above the floor.

Pile On the Pillows

Make your chairs and sofas even more welcoming by pairing a warm blanket with soft throw pillows. Try to find ones that are fluffy, with lots of texture. Then, feel free to pile them up on the furniture during the cold months. You may also want to invest in poufs or larger pillows for the floor.

Dress Up Tables with Fabric

While bare tables are perfect for warm, breezy summers, tablecloths or runners are expected for fall and winter. A runner is probably the easiest option since you can use just about anything — a fabric remnant, a thin blanket, or even a long scarf. If it’s seasonally appropriate, it works!

Incorporate Comforting Seasonal Patterns

Small doses of cozy patterns (think herringbone, tweed, tartan, and buffalo check plaid) placed throughout a room is another effective way to bring warmth and comfort. Try to find patterned rugs, pillows, throws, and other accessories that fit in with your existing color scheme. For instance, if your living room features deep teal accents, add a patterned throw with that color in the design.

Switch Out Accessories

It’s highly impractical to swap out large pieces of furniture with every season change. However, smaller accents that are relatively inexpensive are definitely doable. For colder months, switch out those brightly colored towels, rugs, and accessories for ones that are more muted and textured. Although minor, these changes can make a huge difference. To cut down on costs, shop thrift stores or end-of-season sales for suitable pieces.

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