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Simple & Effective Lighting Improvements

Simple & Effective Lighting Improvements

Your lighting choices affect everything — mood, color and your ability to perform tasks. Improve your home’s lighting with these simple lighting additions.


Since most kitchens rely solely on one primary fixture, consider incorporating an additional light source such as undercabinet and toe-kick lighting, or overhead task lighting. The extra source will noticeably improve lighting conditions for prep, cooking, and eating zones.


Similarly, supplementing recessed fixtures in the bathroom is a must if you want to avoid annoying shadows while applying makeup and getting ready for the day. You’ll want to find fixtures that provide diffused, even lighting above or on the sides of your main mirror to eliminate shadows and provide enough light, but not too much. Task lighting near the bath/shower area is also very helpful in improving visibility while bathing.


Two words: bedside sconce. Because people want to streamline and get away from cluttered bedside tables, they think that means they have to opt out of an additional light source and rely solely on the room’s recessed lights. Wrong! Bedside sconces are the perfect solution. They provide task lighting for reading in bed without adding clutter.

Living Room

Too often considered a luxury, accent lighting in living rooms is quite valuable. Accent lights have the ability to take a room most people use daily for multitasking and give it a huge boost. Sconces and table lamps, for example, not only brighten the space, but increase its usefulness and enjoyability. Strategic spotlights are great for highlighting interesting or unusual design features.

Dining Room

When it comes to the dining room, focus on brightening serving areas or dimly lit corners of the room with task lights or decorative buffet lamps. Recessed fixtures can help immensely with task-focused work that might take place in this space.

Family Spaces

In shared environments throughout the home, consider portable lamps. Table and floor lamps as a source of lighting are incredibly handy and versatile. They can be put on timers programmed to illuminate the home whether you’re there or not, and are great for providing a sense of warmth in a space.

Dark Corner

Lastly, to add the perfect bit of glow to a dark, forgotten corner, try uplighting a plant. It’s warm, unusual, and creates a cozy, intimate environment.

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