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How to Squeeze in Study Space Without Creating Clutter

How to Squeeze in Study Space Without Creating Clutter

Kids need study space, and often choose open living areas to do it. So, where do you stash their books and supplies when not in use? Here are a few ideas.

Dining Room Add-ons

While the dining table provides a great place for working on big projects, it also allows for a bigger mess. To keep things under control, consider incorporating a slim bookcase and low cabinets with deep drawers for easy cleanup. That way, when it’s dinner time, textbooks can be shelved and papers securely tucked away in a flash.

Portable Drawer Organizers

If the kitchen table is your child’s go-to study space, clearing out a kitchen drawer and fitting it with removable drawer organizers goes a long way to keeping things neat and clean. Simply fill the organizers with your child’s homework supplies and they can carry the organizers to the table as they need them.

Cabinet Space

For more storage room, consider clearing out an upper or lower cabinet and dedicating it to study materials. This is an especially good option for older children who have to stay organized for multiple subjects. Fill the cabinet space with magazine files, desktop organizers and document storage boxes for maximum effectiveness.

Homework Cart

If your kids don’t necessarily have a favorite study spot and do their homework in all different places, a rolling cart stocked up with homework supplies is a great option. Flexible and convenient, simply roll it where it’s needed and take it away when they’re done. You can store it in a closet or a quiet room when it’s not in use.

Bookshelf With Bins

Whether located in the living room, dining room or a hallway, a sturdy bookcase can hold textbooks, as well as baskets or bins filled with school supplies and bulkier project materials. Use the top of a bookcase or kitchen cabinet to store bigger, in-progress projects that must be cleared off the table temporarily.

Back of the Door

Discrete and efficient, a few hooks and baskets attached to the back of a hall closet door makes the perfect spot for storing papers and materials that need to go back to school with your kids. Hang their backpacks or bookbags on the hooks above, with homework and books in the baskets below.

Dedicated Kitchen Desk

Having dedicated desk space is great for working on larger projects, where the half-finished project does not have to be cleared when dinner is ready. If a desk is preferable, but not the space commitment or isolation of an actual office, try adding a basic workstation in or near your kitchen for the kids to do homework. This option allows for plenty of space to work, and can incorporate plenty of storage for quick cleanups when company is expected.

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