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How to Design a Fashionable Home That’s Kid- & Pet-Friendly

How to Design a Fashionable Home That’s Kid- & Pet-Friendly

With a mix of durable wall coverings and rugs, sturdy furniture, and performance fabrics you can have your cake and eat it too — a gorgeous home that is low-maintenance, child-proof and pet-proof.

Performance Fabrics

You don’t have to sacrifice attractive-looking furnishings for practical ones. To keep living spaces fit for grownups but durable enough for children and pets, there are a wide range of performance fabrics for furniture that are stain resistant, soft to the touch, and visually appealing.

Like many families, style tends to evolve over time. To compensate for a shift in color palettes, consider choosing a neutral performance fabric for your main furniture pieces, like a sofa and chair. That way, when your color tastes shift, you can easily accommodate the change by switching out the child- and pet-friendly indoor-outdoor throw pillows.

Low-Maintenance Wallcoverings

When designing a room meant for mom and dad, but also allowing for kids and pets, consider choosing a wallcovering that is both durable and low maintenance, such as ones made of thick vinyl. Not only are they washable, they can also be found in various textures, which lend an air of sophistication while hiding imperfections from snouts and messy little hands.

Print Canvas Art

An absolute must when it comes to bringing a high-end touch to a room, quality artwork usually means a big price tag, which is not something you mix with pets and young children. The solution? Obtaining the beauty and sophistication of art without the inherent value — a print on canvas. Elevate the art with a floating frame, but know it can safely be wiped clean should it encounter busy little fingers.

Washable Paint

When choosing paint for a room, always pick a wipeable finish, such as eggshell. This slight sheen not only plays well with natural lighting coming in from the windows, but if the walls get smudged or nicked from dirty paws or toddler hands covered in finger paint, it can all be erased with the wipe of a sponge.

Mobile Vinyl Pet Seat

Vinyl fabrics are great for upscale looking furniture that is specifically for the kids and pets. They have the look and feel of leather without the cost or the delicacy. One fun option is to upholster a bench on locking casters for a pet that enjoys spending time looking out the window. The bench can easily be moved around the house so it stays out of your way as you go about your day. The vinyl is easily cleaned, sturdy and durable enough to hold up against daily use.

Indoor-Outdoor Pillows

There are so many amazing performance-based textile options nowadays that it’s honestly a challenge trying to tell the difference between what goes inside and what belongs outside. Since little ones often like to get up on the bed, as do pets, why not use durable indoor-outdoor pillows on the bed? You’ll find there are some surprisingly soft acrylic blends as well as many striking fabric patterns to choose from.

Durable Rugs

Similarly, consider using indoor-outdoor area rugs wherever a good rug is needed. They are extremely functional, but also available in a wide range of patterns and colors to enhance your space. And since they tend to be lightweight, they can easily be rolled up, taken outside, washed off with a hose and left in the sun to dry when they need refreshed. Also, durable rugs that are highly textured make a great option since they hold up under rough conditions and hide flaws easily.

Concealed Pet & Toy Storage

When it comes to kids and pets, if something is not in their direct view there’s a lot less chance of them getting into it. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep toys and playtime supplies out of sight in cabinets or covered shelves until it’s time to use them. This will keep the tantalizing items out of their reach and off their mind, but also conceal the items from your guests’ view as well. For example, a bookshelf with open shelving above and drawers on the bottom is a great solution. Not only will it house the little toys and everyday pet supplies, it also allows the family’s favorite accessories to be displayed out in the open. Simply use the shelves for the accessories and tuck the toys and pet supplies in the drawers.

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