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Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Visitors Feel at Home

Guest Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Visitors Feel at Home

The key to being a good host is making sure everyone is comfortable — guests and hosts. The best way to do that? Providing your guests with an experience they’ll always remember. From fresh flowers to blackout curtains to fluffed pillows, your guests won’t want to leave!

Make a Statement

Create a unique and stylish aesthetic for the guest room by opting for a statement headboard, wall art and built-in lighting. After all, just because you don’t use the room every day doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be up to par with the rest of your home design-wise.

Create an Attic Room

Whether all the rooms in your home are already in use, or you just need an extra guest room, consider using your attic space. Don’t let low or sloped ceilings stop you — simply keep everything low to the ground and hang a pendant light as a finishing touch. Your guests will love the cozy, unique experience.

Reading Nook

If you have the room, a window seat is a wonderful addition to a guest bedroom. It will give them a place to curl up and relax that is private to them, as opposed to the communal living room.

Get Creative With Furniture

If space is limited and you don’t want to shop for new furniture, try using a chair as a side table and installing wall sconces to save on surface space. Depending on what is placed on the chair, it can serve double duty as both a side table and a place to sit and put on shoes, etc.

Provide a Robe and Towels

Give your guests the hotel treatment by putting the things they’ll need during their stay right there in the room. For example, consider providing a robe, slippers and towels. A carafe of water on the side table is also a nice touch.

Double Duty Daybed

For those lacking enough space for a designated guest room, consider making one of the other rooms in the house, like the home office, serve double duty. Simply put a daybed in a corner and fill it with comfy pillows and throws for those times when you’re hosting guests.

Use Darker Hues

For an increased sense of intimacy and coziness, try to keep your guest room streamlined, uncluttered and bring in darker colors. Bedside sconces also add a nice lift and make the room feel like it’s part of a five-star hotel.

Less Is More

Your guest room doesn’t have to be fancy to feel inviting. All you need is a comfy bed, layers of fresh linens, a small side table, and a reading lamp. Keep things crisp and clean, and make sure you fluff the pillows before your guests arrive!

Dial Up the Art

Give your guest room some character by adding a gallery wall. The art makes it feel more homey without taking up valuable surface space.

Fresh Flowers

A small but mighty detail, fresh flowers in the guest bedroom send a message to your visitors that they are appreciated and you’re happy to have them there.

Full-Length Mirror

Since your guests will be living out of a suitcase, they will appreciate having access to a full length mirror. You can hang one on the back of the door, or if you have enough space, find a heavy-duty framed mirror and lean it against the wall.

Let There Be Light

If at all possible, consider putting the guest bedroom in a space with a lot of natural light. Just be sure to install blackout shades or provide sleep masks on the bedside table. That way they can have the choice of letting the light flood into the room or blocking it out to sleep.

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