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Gorgeous Blue Color Combinations for Any Room

Gorgeous Blue Color Combinations for Any Room

A consistent favorite for interior color schemes, blue is a versatile hue that pairs well with just about any color. Here are some especially nice combinations to consider.

Often associated with tranquil and relaxing settings, the color blue works in all types of design styles. Its shades range from deep navy to ice blue, and all look incredible as a wall color, on cabinets or when layered in among accessories and general decor. The best part? Almost any color goes with blue — from vibrant to muted neutrals. Here are a few pairings that stand out:

Denim Blue and Vibrant Orange

Orange is positioned opposite to blue on the color wheel, making it a natural complement to blue. The energizing contrast the pair creates is a perfect match for a busy kitchen, one of the main gathering spots in a home. As a popular hub used by the entire family, the kitchen requires a color scheme likable to everyone. This pleasing combination fills that requirement easily.

For those with white cabinetry and countertops, consider painting the kitchen island blue and layering hints of orange throughout the room with accessories like seating, kitchen towels, and rugs.

Cerulean Blue and Apple Green

As analogous colors, green and blue are neighbors on the color wheel, and when used together make a refreshing duo. For a bold look, go for vibrant shades of these colors on walls and furniture. For example, balance a vivid cerulean blue wall color with an equally bold apple green. Consider incorporating artwork that features the cool combo, and then accessorize the rest of the room by pulling additional accent colors from the art.

Watery Blue and Sandy Beige

Light shades of blue have a way of calling up soothing feelings of the sea. When partnered with sandy-toned neutrals or light-washed wood, this calm seashore vibe is even more apparent. Try repeating both the tan and pale blue hues throughout a master or guest bedroom on furniture, bedding and other textiles to create a relaxing retreat.

Turquoise and Orchid

Another color on blue’s side of the color wheel that makes an appealing partner is purple. Since the two shades are so similar, a color scheme incorporating both of them can be soothing, yet colorful. For a jewel-like effect in a living room or bedroom, consider pairing deep purple with rich turquoise. If you prefer blue tones that are on the pale side, be sure to choose more saturated shades of purple to avoid a washed-out look created by too many pastels. Warmer purple tones, like orchid, are a great way to create contrast and balance the coolness of blue.

Pale Blue and Coral

For a more feminine space, try introducing shades of coral, pink or apricot. A soft, watery blue wall color offset by pops of cheerful coral is not only lively and inviting, but can go several different ways stylistically, from ultra chic to a more relaxed beachy feel.

True Blue and Natural Wood Tones

The warm finish of wood floors, furnishings or trim creates the perfect backdrop to showcase blue’s cool color temperature. Be sure to pick a strong shade of blue that will hold its own against medium- to dark-tone wood finishes. For example, deep azure blue is a great choice to contrast richly stained wood floors.

Navy Blue and Cherry Red

Pairing blue and red creates an all-American combo that suits just about any room. For more formal spaces such as a dining area, consider going for darker tones like maroon and navy that project sophistication rather than patriotism. In addition, lighter shades (think salmon and powder blue) are a great fit for bathrooms or bedrooms that need a softer and more comfort-driven atmosphere.

Soft Blue and Neutrals

Let your neutral rooms serve as a testing ground for trying out different shades of blue. Bring in blue through small accessories, like a throw blanket, table runner or decorative lamp. Remember that even a small dose of blue can go a long way in adding personality to a room. To keep the neutral look, pick a less intrusive, muted shade of blue that will blend and not feel out of place. Then, if you decide you love the color, consider going bigger by adding in a blue accent chair or repainting the walls.

Classic Blue and White

Crisp and cool, blue and white is a color combination that just feels clean, which is exactly what you want in spaces like the bathroom. It can be made traditional or contemporary depending on design and style details. Fresh and invigorating, this classic palette can turn an otherwise unimpressive small space into a focal point.

Monochromatic Blues

For enthusiastic fans of the color, feel free to go nuts by mixing multiple shades of blue to create a monochromatic scheme. Be sure to seek out blues with similar undertones, like dark teal and blue-green turquoise, to ensure the combo works well together. Repeat your chosen colors across rugs, curtains, walls and other decorative elements to build a full, layered look. Then incorporate multiple fabric textures and vary the scale of patterns to give the design depth and character.

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