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Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Fresh Decorating Ideas to Welcome the New Season

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring! Fresh Decorating Ideas to Welcome the New Season.

Warmer weather, longer days… Let’s think Spring! Here are some easy, high-reward decorating ideas to help you freshen your space and get rid of those winter doldrums.

Bring on the Flowers

Artwork, wallpaper, fabric, carpet, pillows, or vases full of blooms — if you’re a fan of florals, now is the time to work them into your decor. It can be as simple as adding a few throw pillows and fresh flower arrangements to your space, or make it a more complex change by coordinating artwork, fabrics, carpet and fresh blooms. Layered floral motifs are allowed!

Liven Up Your Doorway

For a subtle seasonal change, consider painting your doorframe a light seasonal hue. Simple, but it freshens things up just enough to make a difference.

Swap out Your Bedding

As the weather starts to warm, lighten up your bedding. Consider swapping out your heavy, dark cotton bedding with linens in a cheerful, yet neutral hue.

Lovely Lucite

Incorporating lucite and acrylic furniture into a space are great ways to achieve a more modern “barely-there” light and airy look. Perfect for springtime!

Bring the Outdoors In

Give your room a seasonal lift with an indoor tree. Often overlooked, indoor trees are truly transformational. After all, nothing says spring like a fruit tree!

Subtle Theme

Incorporating a simple spring theme into a space can go a long way. For instance, a subtle butterfly or dragonfly motif injects a sense of whimsy without changing the entire environment.

Vertical Garden

A perfect way to bring plants into your environment is a vertical garden. Choose your favorites, go with easy to manage foliage, or grow herbs and fresh produce to cook with! Anyway you go, a plant wall will definitely pep up your space.

Color Blocking

Don’t be afraid to play with color! Color blocking your walls is a never-fail way to reinvigorate your home. Opt for a lighter color to bring the light, airy feel of spring inside.

Fresh White Linens

Feel like the florals might be a bit overpowering in your bedroom? Add in some crisp white bedding to tighten things up and finish off that much-sought-after clean, put-together look.

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