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Fun and Fabulous Halloween Decorating Ideas for Inside and Out

Fun and Fabulous Halloween Decorating Ideas for Inside and Out

From glitzy and cute to downright spooky, use these fun ideas to get your home ready for Halloween.

1. Choose Your Color Palette

Create a cohesive look by limiting your Halloween decor’s color palette to just a few shades. For example, black, white and shades of orange are a combination that can’t be beat. Consider incorporating metallics like copper, gold or silver for an added touch of glam.

2. Skip the Spookiness

For homes that include people with an aversion to the macabre, try skipping the spooky decor and going with a more classic fall front porch. Simply fill rustic planters with a candle lantern and an assortment of fall foliage, pumpkins and gourds for a seasonal display that will last all the way to Thanksgiving.

3. Tiny Ghost Town

Transform an assortment of basic craft store birdhouses into a stoic mini ghost town with matte black spray paint. To amp up the creepiness, add rubber snakes, faux birds or oversized spiders to the scene.

4. Candy Corn Colors

Turn your front porch into a grand entrance with planters full of colorful annuals like mums, ornamental sweet potato vine and fountain grass. Choose blooms in orange, yellow and white for a whimsical candy corn colored theme. Surround the planters with piles of pumpkins and candle-lit lanterns for full effect.

5. Kooky Witch Legs Planter

Add a playful twist to your front porch planter or garden bed with just garden stakes, an inexpensive pair of Halloween-themed stockings and an old pair of high heel shoes. Simply stuff the stockings with paper or other safe material, insert a stake into each leg and place the stuffed stockings feet-up into the planter or bed so that it looks like the witch crashed into the ground. Add the shoes onto the feet and use soil to cover up any of the exposed stocking parts that shouldn’t be visible.

6. Repurposed Frame Spooky Sign

Go through your home or hit up your local thrift store for an old frame that has character. Remove the glass and use chalkboard paint on the backing. When dry, reassemble and use a chalk marker to add a memorable Halloween message. Use it to greet guests at the front door, place inside on a shelf or table, or use it in the kitchen as part of your Halloween-themed party decor.

7. Creative Paper Pennant Uses

All you need to turn a blank interior wall or door into something spectacular — in this case a menacing monster — is paper party bunting, colored card stock and double-sided tape. Use the paper pennant as the beast’s teeth, and fashion his eyes, nose, horns and other details from the card stock. The best part? You can make your monster as small or large as you want. Plus, it can be taken down in a snap.

Another fun idea is to take a plain white pennant-style banner and paint on bands of orange and yellow to make it look like candy corn. Affix the string of sweet treats to the front door for a cute display that will take you through Thanksgiving.

8. Swap Out Your Door Wreath for a Basket

Forgo having multiple holiday wreaths this year and instead use a single straw basket or tote. Simply fill the basket with holiday-appropriate decorations and hang the basket on your door, swapping out the basket contents as needed over the holiday season. For a more personalized touch, consider adding vinyl house numbers to the front of the basket.

9. Spooky Spare Wood

Give those lonely wood scraps in the garage or basement a second chance by turning them into a group of ghosts. All you have to do is paint the boards white and add facial features. For a timeworn, distressed look, rough up the painted boards a bit with a hand sander.

10. Outdoor Trick-or Treat Station

For a Halloween party or trick-or-treat night, turn a lightweight table, cart or shelf into a convenient self-serve treat station. Cover it in a themed paper or plastic tablecloth and decorate as appropriate. Place your special station outside, weather permitting, and fill it with an assortment of prepackaged treats or goody bags. Be sure to have enough adults on hand to supervise.

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