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Easy Ways to Decorate With Nature

Easy Ways to Decorate With Nature

Incorporating touches of nature into your living space helps create a relaxing and visually pleasing atmosphere. Here are some easy ways to work it into your decor.

Gemstones and Rocks

Add character to a coffee table with raw materials, like a marble tray or a dazzling chunk of amethyst crystal. Not only are they gorgeous, they make great conversation pieces!

Floral Alternatives That Last

Love foliage, but aren’t confident in your ability to take care of live plants? Consider dried flowers or mossy arrangements. Beautiful, cost-efficient, long-lasting and they require no water and little to no maintenance.

Turn Firewood Into Decor

A great way to incorporate natural elements into your home is with a wood-slice fireplace screen. Mimicking the side view of a wood pile, it adds an interesting design element to a newly painted fireplace.

Potted Plants

Bring life and color into your home with live plants. In addition to their beauty, did you know they can actually improve the air quality of your home? When plants respire they release oxygen into the air.

Trailing Greenery

Freshen up any living room with a trailing plant. A low maintenance choice, use them strategically to add color to a bland wall or cabinet. Bonus: You can measure their growth as they wind their way down your furniture.

Nature Wall Art

Have favorite photos or artwork of inspiring natural locations? Consider incorporating them into your decor. If travel is a passion, you could also dedicate a space to images and natural souvenirs from your travel adventures.

Textured Leather

From upholstery to animal hide throw rugs to small decorative objects, leather provides tactile appeal in interior design. It adds depth and character to a room.

Tree Trimmings

When fresh flowers just won’t do, an arrangement of tree cuttings from the yard can make a gorgeous statement — and it’s easy! Just refill when it’s looking droopy and faded.

A Touch of Florals

Instead of a large, extravagant floral arrangement, go minimalistic. After all, even a lily or two can brighten a room! This works especially well when working with petite surfaces like nightstands and end tables.

Get Creative

Take natural elements, like moss and wood, and turn them into pieces of art. For instance, moss and other natural elements can be glued onto a wood frame for an eye-catching display. TIP: Using moss is a great alternative to large plants. It’s inexpensive, low-maintenance and versatile.

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