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Easy Living Room Updates That Make a Big Impact

Easy Living Room Updates That Make a Big Impact

Use these simple decorating ideas to transform your living room from ordinary to outstanding.

Incorporate Pendant Lights

Instead of using traditional table or floor lamps to light your room, try hanging a pendant light above your side tables. This will bring height to the space and introduce an artsy, sculptural quality when an extra-long cord is used. Be sure to use a low-heat bulb.

Use Strategic Styling

Create a stunning bookshelf display by picking items that work together and produce balance. Try choosing two or three colors and spacing the hues evenly throughout the shelves, but not symmetrically. Use stacks of books throughout the shelf to vary the height of your accessories.

Mix-and-Match Accents

Inject a little playfulness into your space with pillows. Bring together a variety of fabrics by finding prints in similar colors. For instance, if your color palette includes blues and whites, combine patterned fabrics in navy, light blue and variations of white.

Use Area Rugs as Room Dividers

A subtle way to add definition to an area, as well as create a sense of division without impeding the airy character of an open floor plan, is to use floor coverings as room dividers. You can use a set of matching rugs to differentiate between areas, different sized rugs, or choose different rug styles completely. Whatever works best for your personal taste and space.

Hang Oversized Art

Try hanging a large piece of artwork in the living room. It creates a powerful focal point for the room, but also provides a quick and easy fix for filling an empty wall.

Add In Some Greenery

Not only do houseplants provide added color and visual appeal to your living room, they clean the air around you as well. It’s true that this is a simple update to make, but keep in mind that houseplants will need a little attention to thrive, like regular watering and specific light requirements.

Update Your Coffee Table

Swapping out your coffee table can dramatically change the look of your space, as well as change how your living room functions. The perfect one will accent your style and be durable enough to stand up to whatever comes its way.

Replace Your Lampshades

You may not be able to afford all new lighting, but luckily changing the look and ambiance of your living room is as easy as replacing your existing lampshades. Simply find ones that are more visually appealing and make the switch. Before buying, consider what the new shades will look like during the day and night. In some cases, specialty shades (like metallic, for instance) create a strong visual statement.

Swap Out the Drapes

Refreshing your old curtains or window coverings can make a huge impact on your living room’s look. Go bold with color, or incorporate a luxe, high-quality fabric that will give your room a big boost. Either will go a long way in bringing new life to your space.

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