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Creative Ways to Decorate With Mums For a Fabulous Fall Display

Creative Ways to Decorate With Mums For a Fabulous Fall Display

A few pots of vividly colored mums never fail to set the perfect autumnal tone on a porch or entryway. But did you know that you can also go big with mums? Wow your neighbors with these ideas that are sure to give your porch a jolt of fall pizzazz.

Mix and Match

For an attention-getting display that keeps the eye moving, consider mixing your container garden mums with other foliage that offers varying colors and textures. For example, combine spice orange mums, trailing English ivy, bittersweet, spikes of ‘Caracas’ celosia in bold magenta, and purple ‘Viking’ asters for a vivid, eye-catching arrangement.

Set a Color Theme

Get away from the traditional red, orange, and yellow seasonal arrangements that dominate during the fall season. Instead, try something a bit different by mixing rich pink and purple hues — like soft pink ‘Calisto’ mums, magenta-flowered ‘Viking’ asters and ‘October Daphne’ sedum — that play well against the dark green and purplish leaves of other fall foliage like ‘Redbor’ and ‘Red Russian’ flowering kales. A refreshing change that will be sure to get compliments.

Go Monochromatic

For those with dark-colored homes, consider adding a nice contrast by going all white with your mums. Outfit your porch or entryway with white mums in white containers and pair them with whitewashed painted pumpkins to reinforce the color scheme. Throw in some plain orange pumpkins for a pop of color and added interest.

Experiment with Different Sizes

When displaying a few standalone mums in pots, try placing them in a variety of container types and sizes. Galvanized metal buckets and tubs, terra-cotta containers and woven baskets are all great options. To fill out the display, consider working in an assortment of pumpkins, gourds and ornamental kale among the mums.

Pair Mums and Grasses

Since mums are so vibrant and showy on their own, it makes sense that they work well with less flashy plants like ornamental grasses. When paired, the two play perfectly together, making an even larger visual impact. Simply place them in a classic terra-cotta pot and your porch display is both classic and interesting.

Find the Right Role

While many people choose to make their mums the main attraction, consider experimenting with them in more of a supporting role. Mums make great unifying elements for autumnal displays made up of assorted plants, and bring vivid color when needed. Use them to enhance or balance out other fall favorites like red-stemmed chard, strawflowers, pansies, purple heuchera, and bittersweet.

Pair Mums with Pale Gourds

Although simple, an arrangement of mums and gourds by your front entryway makes a gorgeous fall statement. To really give your mums the spotlight, try choosing gourds and pumpkins with paler coloring. That way, they’ll add texture but won’t compete with the mums for color.

Mix Plants From the Same Color Family

For a more even, unified look, fill your window boxes with mums and other seasonal plants in similar colors. Multi-colored cabbages featuring pink centers and dark green leaves are a good match for vivid pink mums. Enhance the effect by adding contrasting white gourds and small white pumpkins.

Use Pumpkins as Planters

Bring some fun to your fall display by placing your potted mums into hollowed-out pumpkins and arranging them in groups on steps and ledges. Not only are they creative and simple, they make a perfect seasonal welcome for guests. You could even paint the pumpkins before inserting the mums for Halloween-appropriate decor. If the display needs to last longer than several days, consider using a faux pumpkin.

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