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Creative Ways to Decorate With Checkerboard Patterns

Creative Ways to Decorate With Checkerboard Patterns

A classic look that spans centuries, the checkerboard motif and its staggered positioning of black and white squares is once again stepping into the interior design spotlight.

The high-contrast pattern was a popular flooring choice during the European Renaissance period as well as the 1920s in America. This time around, we’re seeing checkerboard used to make a statement on a range of design elements, from high-end offerings in materials like lacquer and marble to more casual pieces like throws and pillows.

Here are a few creative ways to incorporate checkerboard-patterned accessories into your home:

1. Pillows

An easy way to give your sofa a fresh look is to simply add checkerboard pillows. For a strong, high-contrast statement, go with the classic black-and-white motif. A version featuring softer colors, like taupe and white, also makes a statement but in a subtler way. Consider pillows made in durable, water-resistant fabrics for outdoor use.

2. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

In addition to the bold statement a black-and-white checkered wallpaper makes in a room, it also adds dimension. If you’re afraid of overwhelming the space, try using it in smaller doses, like on an accent wall or to line the back of a bookshelf. The best part about peel-and-stick wallpaper is that application and removal is a snap. This means that the risk is minimal when trying out new looks. Don’t like it? Just take it off.

3. Serving Trays

There are several styles of checkerboard serving trays available to suit all kinds of different aesthetics. If you’re looking for one to suit a more natural look, find one made out of organic materials like bamboo or wicker. Use it to serve guests or as a decorative accessory to hold books, small potted plants, coasters, or other items. An acrylic checkerboard tray makes a great choice for a more modern, streamlined style.

4. Photo Frames

Feature a favorite photo by placing it in a striking checkerboard picture frame. Many options are available, from more sophisticated offerings made from black-and-white bone inlay to a skewed, whimsical version suitable for casual environments. Mount the framed image on a wall or add some zest to a shelf or desk.

5. Candleholders

Checkerboard has also made it into the candle realm. Ceramic candleholders featuring the pattern can be found in a range of attractive colors to suit any style and palette. Bonus: The vessel can be repurposed as a planter or mug once the candle burns down.

6. Ottoman

Poufs featuring the iconic checkerboard print pairs function with eye-catching style. Versatile, it can be used as a seat, a cozy floor pillow or an ottoman, depending on the occasion. Find one in a fabric that suits your space — plush for a cozier environment or more structured for a utilitarian purpose.

7. Coasters

Adding checkerboard coasters to your room’s accessories is a great way to introduce the trend without making a major commitment. The statement they make is as understated as you want it to be. Simply choose a high-contrast color choice for a bolder presence. Because they are small and the pattern is classic, the coasters are able to coordinate with virtually any style.

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