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Creative Towel Display Ideas for Pretty & Practical Bathroom Storage

Creative Towel Display Ideas for Pretty & Practical Bathroom Storage

Extra towels in the bathroom are always a good idea. But how do you store them? Bring pretty and practical storage to your bathroom with these creative towel display ideas.

Open Stack

Simple and sophisticated, consider neatly stacking your towels in open shelves beneath the vanity. For varying sizes of towels, place the largest on the bottom of the pile and work your way up to the smallest on top, like a pyramid. Avoid an overcrowded look by stacking only three or four towels at a time.

Basket Storage

Store towels in a large basket instead of on a shelf for an intentional, but casual look. Try to find a woven basket that is able to store about five bath towels when rolled up. To maximize functionality, add a second matching basket to hold used towels and easily transport them to the laundry for cleaning.

Tower for Towels

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and use furniture in the bathroom that is usually meant for other rooms. For instance, a tall, slender display case can serve as a storage unit to hold bathroom towels and other decor worthy of display. Because the shelves are enclosed, everything stays neat, tidy, and protected from moisture.

Recessed Towel Cubby

If a remodel is in the cards for you, consider taking advantage of the space between wall studs and install a recessed towel display. Make the shelves big enough to hold a couple generous stacks of towels and you’ll effectively free up valuable room in vanity drawers and shelves above the vanity for toiletries.

Open Ladder Display

Incorporate towel storage into your bathroom decor by displaying them in plain sight. Use a ladder shelf to display folded towels for an organized look that enhances the room with pops of color. The open display allows you to see at a glance when your fresh towel supply is running low.

Another option is to lean an old ladder against the wall to use as a towel rack. This towel display works for both damp towels and fresh ones. To keep it budget-friendly, try finding an old wooden ladder at thrift stores or flea markets and add a fresh coat of paint. The lower rungs that are unsuitable for towels can be used to hang small buckets filled with daily bathroom necessities.

Towel Rolls

Add a little pizzazz to open bathroom cupboards by rolling towels and stacking them to fill each cubby. Aside from saving space, the rolled look will give your bathroom a spa-like feel. Be sure to use hooks or a rack to give wet linens a place to hang and dry.

Have a Seat

Grab a spare chair and use it as a towel holder. Simply fold towels neatly on top of the seat for a charming and orderly solution. Try not to stack more than two or three towels at a time so that the pile doesn’t fall over easily.

Budget-Friendly Solution

Consider towel holder ideas as part of the bathroom decor. For instance, stack wooden crates painted in fresh colors for a creative, budget-friendly bathroom storage unit. Fill the decorative shelves with towels, displays of accessories, and other bath necessities.

Tray of Towels

Channel a designer look for your bathroom by filling a platter, box, or punch bowl with a set of washcloths or hand towels. Try rolling the towels for an even more streamlined display. Keep the container regularly stocked to maintain the look and to keep guests from leaving with wet hands.

Basket Shelves

Another creative towel display idea is to mount a set of long, narrow wicker baskets on the wall to use as floating shelves. The shape is perfect for storing extra washcloths and hand towels. Hang the baskets above the vanity for maximum convenience. The other baskets in the set can be used to store frequently used toiletries, like lotion or cosmetics.

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