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Choosing the Best Mirror for Every Room

Choosing the Best Mirror for Every Room

Mirrors are a decorator’s magic weapon. Whether rectangular, round, simple or ornate, this guide will help you find the perfect mirror for every room in your home.

Is there just one perfect mirror type for each room? Absolutely not. But when you are overwhelmed by the choices, these suggestions can help lead you to the mirror with which you’ll be most happy.

Dining Room — Antiqued or Windowpane Mirror

Designers often add a mirror to the dining room to reflect light or to help the room seem bigger. But it’s important to remember that it can be awkward to sit and eat a meal facing a big, clear mirror. That’s why mirrors with a smoky antiqued finish or a windowpane mirror are good suggestions for the dining room. Both types serve to reflect light, but subtly obscure the reflection. Windowpane mirrors also trick the eye into seeing a window rather than a mirror, which creates the illusion of a bigger space.

Entry — Big Round Mirror

Entryways are commonly a bit dark. Big mirrors help amplify what little light there is and makes narrow spaces feel more roomy. While other shapes will certainly work in an entry, the curves of a round mirror are a welcome counterpoint to the sharp angles and straight lines of the doorway. Plus, round works well on its own or above a console table.

Bedroom — Leaning Floor Mirror

A full-length mirror positioned to the side of the bed is a great addition to any bedroom. The mirror being full-length is helpful for getting ready, while the positioning makes it so that it’s not in your face while you’re relaxing, but is available when you want it. Leaning the mirror against the wall rather than hanging it on the wall creates a more modern look. If the security of the mirror is a concern, simply add a wall anchor to the top of the mirror to prevent tipping.

Bathroom — Large, Simple Mirror

When it comes to the bathroom, a big mirror and good lighting are key. Choose a mirror close to the width of your vanity. Because they provide better visibility and are easy to clean, frameless mirrors are a popular choice for the bathroom, but there is no reason you can’t have a mirror with a frame. Just choose one with a simple, narrow frame.

Powder Room — Ornate Mirror

Much different than the bathroom vanity, which is probably used as a get-ready station in the morning, the powder room is typically designed for guest use or quick stops. That’s why the powder room is a great place to indulge in a fun, statement-making mirror. For a full look, try to find a mirror that is close to the width of the vanity.

Home Office — Sunburst Mirror

A mirror in the home office is more of an extra than a necessity. It will add a bit of sparkle, reflect light and enhance the overall room style. While any statement-making shape will work, if you’re having trouble choosing, go with a sunburst mirror. They are decorator favorites, and despite having a long, rich history, look just as stylish today.

Living Room — Round or Arched Mirror

For living rooms with fireplaces, a rectangular mirror above the mantel will work fine, but a mirror with a bit of a curve makes an even better choice. The rounded aspects of the mirror offset the harsh angles of the fireplace. Look for a completely round mirror, or one with a rounded or arched top, that fills up at least three-quarters of the mantel width.

If your living room doesn’t have a fireplace or if you prefer a piece of art above the mantel, consider hanging a round or arched mirror above the credenza instead.

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