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8 Tips to Give Your Home’s Winter Curb Appeal a Lift

8 Tips to Give Your Home’s Winter Curb Appeal a Lift

Winter yards tend to lean on the stark side — no blossoms or lush foliage to bring beauty and life. Here are a few ways to combat this and make your home appear more attractive and inviting from the street.

1. Bright Red Accents

Vivid color is the antithesis of winter’s bare landscapes, and nothing stands out more than a crisp, bold red. Try painting your trim and/or front door with this bright hue and your home will pop against the backdrop of white snow and bleak, barren trees.

2. Gleaming Garden Ornaments

Even though your pretty flowers may perish in the winter months, shiny garden ornaments will continue to live on. For the biggest impact, find something that will catch the light and shimmer, such as metallic orbs.

3. Oversized House Numbers

If you want to make a big statement — especially on homes without much ornamentation — consider applying house numbers that are 6 inches tall or more to your home’s facade. To make sure they are seen at night, you’ll want to either place them near the main lighting or install a separate down light above them.

4. Magnificent Mailbox

Catch the eye of passersby with a standout mailbox. Whether it be an unusual design or a bright color, mailboxes are a great way to make a statement. To add graphic emphasis or just to make them easy to find, consider attaching your house numbers directly to the mailbox.

5. Crisply Trimmed Greenery

In cold climates, evergreen hedges will give your home some much-needed color throughout the stark winter months. While neatly trimmed bushes planted in the ground are ideal, you can also bring a dose of green to your entryway or steps with large pots of boxwood. Sculpted shapes look especially refined.

6. Lantern Post

Nostalgic and ultra-charming, a post with a hanging lantern is suggestive of old inns that depended on projecting a warm and welcoming image to bring in guests. If installing a wired lantern post is too much of a hassle, consider using a battery-operated candle inside. Just be sure that it is outdoor-rated.

7. Driveway Lights

For homes that are set back from the road, a little help might be needed so that they can be seen after dark. By adding a few driveway lights, your guests will receive a warm welcome, leading them right up to your door. Use driveway lights on the ground level if you are located in a place without snow. For those in colder climates with snow, choose lights on posts.

8. Wall Sculpture

If your property features a wall at its edge, try dressing it up as a perch for a statue or sculpture. Not only will this bring character and interest to your yard, it can also be decorated seasonally and provide a fun festive touch.

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