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8 Things to Keep on Your Shelves Besides Books

8 Things to Keep on Your Shelves Besides Books

While it’s true that traditional bookshelves — meaning those that strictly feature books — have their own special appeal, it’s always fun to inject a modern twist with some purposeful and unique additions. Here are eight creative suggestions.

Lush Greenery

From the tiniest succulents to the tallest indoor palms, plants have a way of transforming the spaces they inhabit. They bring style, color and life to interiors, and the same is true for bookshelves. Simply incorporate a plant or two wherever you find a bit of extra room. For added impact, let the foliage drape over multiple books or shelves.

Photo Finish

There are two approaches when it comes to bookshelves: the sparse, less-is-more look, and the eclectic, filled-to-the-brim look. Both are effective and impactful. Which you choose depends on your personal taste and how extensive you want to make your display. Since bookshelves are hard to ignore, it makes them an ideal place to show off items you want seen. A selection of personal photos is one of the best ways to occupy bookshelf space, especially when thoughtfully chosen, framed and placed among the rest of your displayed belongings.

Fashion Infusion

Avoid the decorative standards and instead dedicate your bookshelf to pieces that express your personal design style. This means pulling out those favorite fashion accessories from deep within your closet and showcasing them in full view so they can be fully appreciated. Anything goes — from handbags to jewelry to shoes — so don’t be afraid to get creative.

Vintage Accents

It’s not uncommon for vintage items to carry a big dose of personality, which makes them great options to incorporate into your shelf decor. Not only does the shelf help display them to advantage, it is one of the best ways to assure they stay protected. From interesting collectibles to rare accent pieces, your special vintage finds are sure to shine.

Organizational Oasis

Perfect for smaller spaces, consider converting a couple shelves in your bookcase for some much-needed storage. This little bit of space might be all you need to clean up those random items that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else, from office essentials to kids toys. Hide any clutter with baskets or another storage container to maintain a put-together look that will blend with the rest of the room.

Color Coordinate

Put in a little effort when it comes to organizing your bookshelf by creating a cohesive color palette to work from. The result will be a stunning display that screams style. A good start is to group your books based on their color and then adding in other decor elements that match them.

On-Trend Touches

A good rule of thumb to stick with when it comes to trendy decorative elements is to stick with budget-friendly pieces, since they come and go so fast. What is considered hot now could be out of style in a month or two, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely ignore them. Simply invest in smaller trendy pieces that can be easily traded out when your interests move on to other things.

Curated Collection

Make your bookshelf a feature in your home by showing off a carefully curated collection of your favorite finds. For example, combine art, lighting and pottery to create a beautiful focal point filled with personality. When housed on shelves alongside some carefully chosen books, your guests won’t be able to stop themselves from spending some time admiring your efforts.

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