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8 Style Tips to Personalize Your Banquette

8 Style Tips to Personalize Your Banquette

Use these fun style ideas to turn your breakfast nook into a stylish space that performs far beyond its intended function.

Pile on the Pillows

Design a comfy kitchen refuge by incorporating a plush bench for your banquette. And don’t forget to pile on the pillows — the more patterns, the merrier. Mixing vintage fabrics will add a layer of whimsy in the space.

Budget-Friendly Update

Even on a limited budget, updating your kitchen is possible by mixing upscale and bargain-priced accessories into your breakfast space. For example, choose a pricier table for a breakfast nook with a built-in bay window bench, but pair it with thrift store chairs and affordable throw pillows.

Space-Saving Bench

Need a custom fix for a compact breakfast area? Consider incorporating a bench into the back of your kitchen island. This banquette idea not only allows for a more convenient circulation route, but also improves the overall flow through the small space.

Just the Two of Us

If you’re looking to create a cozy dining space for two, consider carving out a small niche. All you need is 6 feet of space for a built-in banquette with two small benches. Although compact, this particular idea makes a huge impact by becoming a focal point, in addition to being incredibly useful.

Slipcover Solution

Not all budgets allow for a built-in banquette. If that’s the case, consider using freestanding benches instead. Simply cover inexpensive benches with a fabric you love and pair them with a slim table and chairs.

Coordinate the Cabinetry

If your banquette area features storage cabinets above or below, try painting them to match those in your kitchen. Not only will doing so streamline an open-concept room, it will create continuity between the two spaces.

Go Round

Banquettes aren’t restricted to just square-shaped areas. Create a unique breakfast spot by designing a curved banquette in front of a bay window. This surprising eating space will quickly become the jewel of your kitchen. Shine a spotlight on the area with pops of vivid color.

Lemon Yellow Highlights

Since yellow is considered to be one of the most cheerful colors on the color wheel, put it to use in your breakfast nook to make the area glow. Pair happy lemon accents with crisp, clean white for an especially uplifting effect.

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