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8 Space-Saving Organization Ideas for Small Closets

8 Space-Saving Organization Ideas for Small Closets

Make your small closet work for you with these great organizational tips and tricks.

Remove Your Closet Doors

Want a bit of extra space in an instant? Take off the doors on your reach-in closet. Once the doors have been removed, you can then choose to leave the closet open or hang a curtain. Either way, removing the doors will enable you to store larger items or bring in storage items that wouldn’t normally fit inside closet doors, like a shoe rack or chest of drawers.

Install Sliding Doors

If removing your closet doors isn’t something you’re particularly fond of, consider changing the way your doors open. Sliding doors do not swing out and therefore give you more space as well.

Use the Back of Your Doors

For those who decide to keep their closet doors, use them to your advantage. For instance, add hooks to hang scarves, bags and jackets, or install an over-the-door organizer for shoes or jewelry.

Bring in a Dresser

Compact dressers fit inside most closets, so you can increase your storage without having to make any additional changes to the space. This is a perfect option if you have a dresser that you don’t really love, but still want to use.

Hang Your Storage Containers

Storage containers that can be hung from an existing clothing rod is a great solution for those on a limited budget or living somewhere they are not able to make any structural changes. There are many products on the market today that will not only organize your jewelry, shoes, clothes and sporting equipment, but keep it off the floor as well.

Decorate with Dual-Purpose Pieces

When the inside of your closet has been customized, go through the rest of your space to make sure you’re using it efficiently. If you have any collections or items that can be put on display, consider moving those things out of your closet and onto the walls. For example, decorative faux animal heads hung on the wall can be decorative and also used to hang jackets in your child’s room.

Look to Hooks

Install hooks outside your closet door as a simple and effective approach to freeing up shelves and drawers. Looking to make a statement? Hang items belonging to the same color palette.

Lean on Ladders

Often used to hold blankets, ladders don’t necessarily have to be used for that purpose. Instead, use a ladder (or a leaning bookshelf) to organize your clothes. Shirts and sweaters can go on top, with shoes and boots on the bottom.

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