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8 Smart Home Office Storage Solutions

8 Smart Home Office Storage Solutions

Anyone with a home office can relate to piles of papers and scattered office supplies cluttering up your space. Here are 8 smart storage ideas to organize your office and keep it operating at peak efficiency.

Corral the Little Things

Many times the things cluttering up your desk are the office supplies you need the most. Put a simple metal container to work for you by having it corral those small items in a desk drawer or cubby. You can use anything from an old tin to a new galvanized metal crate. Simply pull that tin out to house glass jars or other handy containers, which organize things like rubber bands, scissors, pencils, clips, etc. Magnetic clips are great for holding paper items like notecards and sticky notes snug to the sides of the metal container.

Choose Versatility

Versatile furniture goes a long, long way in organizing small spaces. For instance, when trying to incorporate office space into a small area, consider a more minimalist-style table to serve as a desk. Not only will it blend into your home decor, it can easily be used for other purposes, like a buffet station or an activity table for the kids. Simply keep your eye open for a shallow table (either new or repurposed) that comes with or without shelving above it. While attached shelves are nice, you can always build stacked shelving above the desk yourself. Use the table to organize paperwork or to hold your computer, and fill the shelves with office supplies mixed with decorative trinkets to help them further blend with your existing decor.

Personalized Supplies

Everyone has their own way of doing things, so why not outfit your desk area with organizational tools that fulfill your specific needs? For instance, you can make use of large, open envelopes to hold important bills and notices, or magazine files to archive previous work. Whatever helps you operate more efficiently is the way to go. For a more cohesive look, use varying containers of the same color, and closed containers to hide more unsightly necessities, like cords.

Tap Your Creativity

Your office space does not need to break the bank. You’d be surprised how easy it is to find inexpensive storage and furniture options in places you’d least expect. One option is to search your local home improvement store for a hollow-core door or a large sheet of plywood, and a couple wooden sawhorses. Simply paint everything to match your existing decor and mount the flat surface on top of the sawhorses. Other creative ideas include using stacked wood crates as an inexpensive and flexible bookshelf, or a wall grid made from steel remesh to hold notes, a calendar or other important items.

Monopolize Your Space

Have you ever considered dedicating an entire wall to storage and creativity? All you have to do is locate a large floating shelf unit to line your wall. For those with changing needs, adjustable units are perfect. Once installed, fill the shelves with office supplies and art to inspire creativity. If your desk will also be on the same wall, be sure the location will meet your electrical needs. Also, your desk chair should be inconspicuous enough to blend into the artsy space when not in use.

Chalk Wall

The entire family will enjoy a chalk wall — for jotting down notes or creative doodling. Once you’ve decided where to incorporate your office space, simply paint one wall or a section of a wall with chalkboard paint. If you prefer a more put-together look, install trim around the painted section so it looks framed. Then, get started organizing and making plans!

Make Use of Every Inch

Put a forgotten closet to use by clearing out the junk, removing the doors and painting or tiling the interior a soothing color. Insert a shallow desk or floating shelves to create a work surface, and you’ve got yourself a private little work area with just the bare essentials.

Rise to the Occasion

Shelf risers are really handy in the kitchen, so why not use that same idea in your home office? With shelf risers, the amount of desktop space doubles by raising up your everyday supplies and leaving space below to tuck more items. Not only can a small riser make room for tiered storage on a desk surface, it is an easy and inexpensive solution for stretching shelf space.

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