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8 On Trend Accent Wall Ideas

8 On Trend Accent Wall Ideas

Can a room look stylish and elegant without an accent wall? Of course. But there’s no denying that once you add that concentrated splash of color or pattern, it takes the room to an entirely new level. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Wallpapered Accent Wall

The point of an accent wall is to compact a large dose of style into a small area. It’s a portion of a room that gets special treatment and attracts extra attention. While some walls become the focal point of a room by default, like those that are home to the TV or the fireplace, a deliberate accent wall typically features a decorative component, like a bold paint color, an interesting wallpaper, or some other style-enhancing wall covering.

The effect of this concentrated dose of design is to boost the room to a new level, and it doesn’t have to cost much or require a lot of materials. In fact, when you choose to wallpaper an accent wall, it can be very inexpensive and all it takes is just a few feet of product to completely change the space.

Bold Single-Color Accent Wall

The key to the single-color accent wall is finding a color that is boldly different but still compatible with the overall design of the room. For instance, a wall of bright orange doesn’t make sense in a room without something else in the room that ties to that color. Whether you choose a quart of paint or a roll of solid-color wallpaper to transform the wall, that solid block of color will amplify like hues and patterns throughout the room bringing new appreciation to them.

Architectural Accent Wall

Though bold statements are a lot of fun, accent walls don’t have to be in-your-face to get attention. Often a subtle shift in pattern, texture or color is enough to effectively elevate the design. For instance, the use of vertical pieces of wood attached to a wall create a paneled look. When painted a shade of soft-spoken white, it creates a gentle architectural feature that still draws the eye.

Exaggerated Focal Point Accent Wall

When choosing which wall to accent, the obvious choice is to take the natural focal point of the room and exaggerate it. By picking a different wall, you create a situation where the two walls will compete against one another for attention, which can be confusing and uncomfortable. In a living room, the natural focal point might be the fireplace or TV so the accent wall design should take those features into account and incorporate them. In a bedroom, the focal point is typically the wall around the headboard, while in the kitchen it is most often the range or cooktop.

Shiplap Accent Wall

Shiplap plank walls are a signature feature of the current farmhouse style that is not going away anytime soon. A unique wall covering, shiplap adds depth and texture to walls that cannot be achieved with a quart of paint. It modernizes the barnyard look by adding crisp white and a lot of natural light — although darker colored shiplap is also quite striking and creates a dramatic feel. To really enhance your shiplap, try accenting just the lower half of a wall. The split will draw the eye in and really emanate that cozy country feel.

DIY Accent Wall

If simply painting or wallpapering is not the vision you have for your accent wall, don’t be afraid to get creative and take on that weekend DIY project. For those with artistic abilities, consider trying out a new painting technique like a sponge or ombré effect. For those not so gifted, try stencils or a wall patterned with washi tape designs. No matter what avenue you choose, be sure to practice — a lot — before even touching the wall. It will take some planning and a lot of patience, but there’s nothing more gratifying than watching something you envisioned come to life.

All Natural Accent Wall

Although more difficult than a quick coat of paint, a wall of floor-to-ceiling reclaimed wood planks create a stunning effect that is well worth the effort. A way to incorporate nature’s beauty indoors, the wood enhances gorgeous red tones and is versatile enough to fit feminine or masculine styles alike. It also complements the growing indoor plant trend. Succulents and houseplants nestled near your wood wall will give off that much-sought-after cozy, rustic vibe.

Mural Accent Wall

Bold and full of personality, murals are a great way to put your passions on display. Larger-than-life murals are available through retailers or you can have one custom made to fit your family’s unique interests. From travel buffs mapping out their adventures to photographers showcasing their favorite work, the options are endless. No matter what you choose, you can count on this accent wall idea to always be a conversation starter!

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