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8 Ideas for Easy Fall Entertaining

8 Ideas for Easy Fall Entertaining

With its crisp weather and nostalgic feel, fall is a great time for togetherness and cozy gatherings at home. Coordinate a quick and easy autumn gathering with these 8 simple tips.

1. Big Mood Lighting

Good lighting has the ability to make your guests feel at ease immediately, which means you can get away with relaxing on other party elements without anyone noticing (like fancy food). The best part about lighting? Once you set up those hundreds of feet of string lights (for instance), they stay set up. One day of labor will serve you well for parties throughout the fall and winter seasons.

2. Warm Throws

Be very generous with cozy throw blankets. The next time you spot them on sale, pick up extras. Aside from chairs and sofas, blankets add a welcoming touch to the porch, back deck or dining chairs. In addition, when not in use, they can be folded and draped over a decorative wooden ladder to bring color and texture to a blank wall.

3. Decorate with Farm Produce

You can shop for food and decor in one stop by using farm stand apples, gourds, unshelled nuts or pomegranates as centerpieces. Simply arrange them in an earthy wooden bowl and they will easily stand in for or complement the usual flowers.

4. Platter Food

You can go with the more traditional fresh fruit, nuts, cheeses and charcuterie, or you can step it up with meatballs, roast chicken, vegetables, dips, spreads or anything else your heart desires. When arranged on big platters, just about any food looks beautiful and bountiful. But more importantly, platter foods require little from you aside from the choosing and arranging them.

5. Signature Drink

A fancy way to forecast to guests that you’re only serving one type of drink is to have a signature drink. Not only does it simplify things, it can also serve as a theme for your party. If your signature drink is alcoholic, it’s a good idea to also offer a festive nonalcoholic alternative, such as hot chocolate or fresh cider. Once you decide, then all you have to do is set everything up in a designated area and point guests in that direction to help themselves.

6. Do Something Collaborative

Plan an activity that guests can all participate in together. This is a great way to break the ice and allow your guests to get to know one another. Board games, cards or craft projects are fun options, or consider shareable foods like fondue. A photo booth is a good choice if you have the extra room in your budget.

7. Breakfast

Hosting a breakfast party can be a refreshing change of pace, especially if your circle of friends are up early anyway. As a bonus, your party can be done before lunchtime, so you’ll all be able to squeeze more into your weekend. The menu can be as elaborate or simple as you feel like making it, such as homemade waffles and bacon vs. bagels and cream cheese. For drinks, plenty of coffee, tea, and fresh juice are a must. Don’t forget the fresh fruit!

8. Take it Outside

While fall weather is never a certainty, if the day happens to be a pleasant one, consider hosting your fall party outdoors. It can actually be delightful if done right. Supply warm throw blankets for guests to wrap up in and hot drinks to keep everyone cozy. For those with a fire pit, this is the perfect opportunity to put it to good use.

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