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8 Easy Ways to Get Your House Ready for Spring

8 Easy Ways to Get Your House Ready for Spring

Get the exterior of your home refreshed and ready for spring with these 8 simple tasks.

1. Clean Out the Gutters

With the rainy season right around the corner, now is the time to get moving on cleaning out those gutters. It may be tempting to ignore this demanding task, but doing so could lead to big problems in time, such as rotting wood, basement flooding, or foundation damage from water that doesn’t drain properly. Preventive maintenance goes a long way, so grab your ladder and get out there! If you find that you’re just not up to it, hire a professional.

2. Weed Those Gardens

April showers bring much more than May flowers, including weeds. Start clearing out overgrowth now so that your beautiful flowers will stand out by the time the warm weather arrives. A tough task? For sure. Consider seeking out helpful tips and techniques online to make the job easier.

3. Front Door Refresh

Quick and easy, a coat of paint on your front entry door will freshen up the look of your home in an instant. Can’t figure out what color will suit your home’s style? Gather a selection of paint chips and test them out on your door. Be sure to test them in different lighting conditions throughout the day.

4. Revitalize Potted Plants

It’s a good idea to look over your potted plants for any cracks or damaged spots. Also, consider repotting any plants that have outgrown their pot or with roots seeping out through the draining hole. If you have old pots that have seen better days, sometimes all they need is a good cleaning or fresh coat of paint to give them new life.

5. Look for Roof Damage

Once you’re sure you’ve seen the last snow from winter, it’s time to look over your roof to make sure the harsh cold didn’t cause any damage. Just the weight from heavy snow accumulation can lead to leaks or sagging issues. When inspecting your roof for any visual signs of damage (think sagging and missing tiles), be sure to also check for leaks from inside your home. While roof repairs can be expensive, taking care of them now can help prevent even costlier issues in the future. As a bonus, a well-maintained roof can also raise the value of your home.

6. Pool Prep

After spending months bundled up from the cold, you’re probably more than ready to be poolside, basking in the sunshine. Pools require a long list of maintenance that must be done before you can comfortably relax and swim. Things like deep cleaning, balancing Ph levels and preventive measures to ward off algae growth. Start now so that it’s ready as soon as the warm weather hits.

7. Cracked Concrete

If the expanding and contracting from weather changes caused cracks in your concrete driveway or walkways, you have a few options to repair it. For smaller cracks, simply grab some concrete filler for a quick fix before things get any worse. Large cracks and serious damage, however, will most likely require a professional. For concrete that is discolored or riddled with stains, one solution is to recolor it in a fresh hue that compliments your home and enhances curb appeal.

8. Tree Trimming

Did you know that early spring is the best time to prune plants that are dormant during the winter months? Before trees even begin blooming, get started pruning the evergreens you have, such as pine, yew and juniper.

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