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7 Easy Tips for Blending Vintage Finds in with Existing Decor

7 Easy Tips for Blending Vintage Finds in with Existing Decor

When adding vintage finds to a room, there’s no need to reconsider your entire decorating plan. Just use these simple tips for a perfect mix of old and new.

1. Freshen up Your Living Room

An effective strategy for the living room is to slip vintage items in with modern furniture for a layered look that is full of character. Generally, it’s a good idea to go with new items for furnishings you use most often — think chairs and the sofa — so that you know they’ll hold up under regular use. Supplement these main pieces with accent pieces that are antique or well-made second-hand finds, like a coffee table or side tables. Vintage items can also be used for wall decor, including vintage posters and prints, or interesting pieces that can be mounted as standalone art. Vintage floor coverings, from antique patterned rugs to woven varieties, are a great way to add texture and interest as well.

2. Bring Vintage Items into Your Bedroom

When it comes to bedrooms, vintage items can help establish a comfortable, casual feel. Keep in mind that antiques or flea market finds don’t have to match perfectly, they just need to have similar color schemes or styles. A symmetrical design will help establish a cohesive look. For example, two small mismatched dressers can work well together as nightstands if they have a similar finish. Same goes for wall art — consistency can be found in motif, size and colors. In addition, small vintage rugs can be used to bring warmth and color.

3. Add Vintage in the Kitchen

Vintage and flea market finds can play a role in your kitchen decor, even if it has a modern style. Kitchens naturally lend themselves to things like antique signs, vintage dishware, old storage jars and retro-style linens. These items have a way of injecting an old-fashioned vibe into contemporary styles, including those with stainless steel and marble. They bring warmth and character without detracting from the more modern elements.

4. Incorporate Vintage Textiles

From transforming old tea towels and grain sacks into pillowcases, to using antique quilts as wall hangings, vintage textiles bring beauty and interest to otherwise modern spaces. Other ideas: frame vintage scarves for wall art, or use the fabric from antique blankets and curtains to cover headboards or upholster chairs. Getting creative and making use of vintage textiles in unique ways will enable you to include unusual retro items without dating your home.

5. Decorate with Vintage Table Decor

White or neutral color schemes create an ideal backdrop for showing off vintage pieces like rustic benches, chairs or tables. Don’t be afraid to pile on the vintage — light fixtures, textiles, artwork, serving pieces and all. The low-key color scheme really brings them to the forefront and creates a special dynamic.

6. Vintage Style in the Bathroom

Even in a recently renovated bathroom, vintage items still have a place. For example, rather than purchasing a new storage unit, consider using an old dresser to hold extra towels and other bathroom necessities. When paired with vintage wall art and rough wood shelving, antique furniture pieces have the ability to add warmth and character to neutral rooms. Wire baskets and glass jars are other vintage items that work well in bathrooms.

7. Take Vintage Decorating Outdoors

Don’t think you have to keep the vintage decor locked inside the house! Bring it outdoors to show off your style on the patio or porch. Great ways to incorporate vintage decor outside include displaying your garden’s blooms in old jars or vases. Layer them on old stools to vary height. Vintage furniture is another great addition, from retro gliders to lounge chairs to wrought iron tables. If they need a little pick-me-up, just apply a fresh coat of paint. Just remember, the key to keeping a cohesive look is a limited color palette.

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