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6 Savvy Storage Trends to Make Organizing Easier

6 Savvy Storage Trends to Make Organizing Easier

With all of the new activities our homes are taking on — like school, work and exercise — many households are experiencing storage capacity issues. Here are seven storage trends to help make life easier.

1. Individualized Mudroom Storage

A high-demand commodity, mudrooms will continue to be popular and evolve as our collective needs change. For example, they have grown from a mere drop zone into an area with dedicated storage space for every person in the household. Homeowners are finding it’s just easier that way.

How does it work? Well, rather than sorting through a rack full of everyone’s coats, each family member gets their own hook. Or instead of sorting through a huge basket filled with everyone’s hats and gloves, everyone has their own individual basket. Things like crates, cubbies, lockers and bins are great for individualized mudroom storage. Simply use labels, photos or color coding to help identify storage and keep everything running smoothly. Not only does this system help bring peace of mind, but it’s also more efficient to get everyone out the door on time.

2. Double-Duty Furniture

Furniture that serves multiple functions is a perfect way to make the most of space that is already being used, which is a huge help when renovations or small floor-plan updates aren’t an option. For instance, rather than placing a bench at the foot of your bed, consider using an ottoman with storage, or swap out a simple desktop with a version that has drawers. Both of these easy updates will enhance a room’s storage and organizing potential. Another solution is making the most of your vertical space through traditional bookshelves, mirrors with hidden storage, and wall-mount fixtures that free up valuable floor space.

3. Child-Friendly Options

With kids attending classes and having to find ways to stay entertained at home, it’s only natural that storage would evolve to address children’s needs. One big addition is snack areas that are easy for kids to access. After all, it makes life easier for everyone when children have parent-approved snacks they can get themselves. Deep drawer bins positioned on lower pantry shelves are great for this purpose, as they have the functionality of drawers but are clear so the contents are visible.

Other top picks include organizers and toy boxes to instill a higher level of organization in day-to-day playware. Tip: Tuck toys in a corner to make the most of vertical space and small layouts.

4. Shelved Room Dividers

In order to accommodate the added roles our homes are now playing, many homeowners find themselves manipulating their existing living setups by incorporating shelving units to divide space. For example, incorporating a floating shelving unit to turn living areas into living/work space. Similarly, freestanding shelf units are versatile and can assist in just about any space and style. Use them to define areas (physically as well as visually) and to increase storage capacity. A mix of closed storage and open display space will give you a sleek and efficient result.

5. Closed Storage Resurgence

While open shelving won’t be losing popularity any time soon, a renewed interest in closed storage solutions is emerging due to its propensity for hiding visual clutter. Being able to maintain a level of organization and neatness goes a long way to help maintain a healthy environment. Closed storage can be used to keep work and school assignments out of sight during non-work hours, as well as remove distractions during work hours.

Functioning on the same principle, utilizing closets as office space is a trending solution for incorporating much-needed workspace into a small area. The best part is that these tiny workstations can be hidden when not in use by simply closing the door.

Closed storage isn’t all large pieces like cupboards and file cabinets, however. Smaller examples include lidded boxes and baskets, which are great for stashing away next to sofas or under tables or reducing clutter on open shelving. In addition to storing your stuff, these various containers have the ability to give your space a style boost through texture, color and pattern.

6. Streamlined Food Storage

Seeking out simple solutions like clear storage containers to make it easier to identify food items is having a moment right now. Small, practical changes like this make a long-lasting impact by streamlining cooking and snacking, but also by increasing sustainability. These containers ultimately keep foods fresher for longer and increase our awareness of them so that they get used in a timely manner.

Another popular food storage change deals with spice organization — converting spice cabinets down to spice drawers in an effort to increase access and efficiency. In a drawer setup, spices are easier to see and don’t get knocked over when you try to reach for one in the back.

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