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5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Guest Bedroom

5 Ways to Get More Out of Your Guest Bedroom

Devoting an entire room to the occasional visitor is not always practical. Here are some ideas to help you design a space that will not only accommodate guests, but also double as an office, media room or rec room the rest of the time.

Disappearing Bed

No guests? The guest bed folds up into built-in cabinets and the room is usable for daily activities. Guests? The bed folds down and transforms the space into a guest room. Now quite common, Murphy beds and sofa beds alike are great options for accommodating guests while also freeing up the room for other uses.

Put Storage Space to Work

Taking one wall of a guest bedroom and installing cabinets and a work surface is a good way to allow the space to double as a home office. You can coordinate the furnishings and bedding for a more cohesive look, but be sure to incorporate plenty of closed storage space so your guests aren’t stuck staring at stacks of paper or supplies.

Build In Flexibility

Large window seats that use either a twin or full mattress is a creative way to allow a guest room to double as a place to read, watch TV or play games. The window seats, decked out in oversized pillows and throws, serve as a sitting area during the day, and function as a bed for overnight guests.

Get Smart About Space

Try incorporating some space-saving measures in your home to create a dual-purpose office and guest area. For instance, built-in shelves positioned above a pull-out bed can double as a headboard and nightstand combo, and creates a comfy sleeping environment when guests are in town. But when the bed is pushed into the dividing wall and out of the way, they also are practical for office purposes.

Mix It With Media

Turn a media or rec room into a welcoming guest retreat with a Murphy bed that folds down over the couch. Not only will your visitors find plenty of ways to entertain themselves, but when they’re gone the bed disappears and the space is once again usable for other purposes.

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