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4 Renovations that Will Add Major Value to Your Home

4 Renovations that Will Add Major Value to Your Home

Whether you’re prepping for a move or looking to update your home, these four renovation projects are guaranteed to be worth the time and money.

1. Build an Addition

Consider an addition to increase square footage and add value. After all, why shouldn’t your home grow along with your family? Keep in mind that any kind of physical expansion, like a new bedroom or larger living room, has a big impact on home value. For the most part, if you can add square footage, you add value.

2. Upgrade a Master Bathroom

A big selling point, the master bath should be as large and bright as possible. When renovating, include sleek surfaces that make cleaning a snap. Other must-haves are new on-trend fixtures, a separate water closet, and a spacious shower with multiple shower heads.

3. Redo the Kitchen

Typically the hub of the home, the most important priority in the kitchen is functionality. Therefore, updating the kitchen with new appliances is a must. Hit on trending features like wine refrigerators, drawer-style microwaves and dishwashers, hidden outlets, and commercial-style ranges.

4. Amp Up Outdoor Living Space

Homeowners love the option of entertaining outdoors. Adding to or improving your current outdoor living space will not only make your home a relaxing destination for get-togethers, but will inject major value. This includes classic features like a shaded front porch or screened-in back patio, which are still in high demand. Especially popular are entertaining areas that include an outdoor kitchen, complete with a built-in grill and small refrigerator.

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