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4 Entryway Trends Emerging This Year

4 Entryway Trends Emerging This Year

Based on research done by, there are four major entryway trends emerging this year. The first is a beautiful first impression, but functionality is also a big concern.

1. Beauty and Functionality

Homeowners are looking for a front entry that will make a positive first impression on guests, but also want it to be functional for their lifestyle needs. Mixing the two — an aesthetically pleasing entry that incorporates practicality — is the obvious solution. Hooks, mirrors, storage space, purposeful containers and strategic shelving all play a role in this emerging trend.

2. Eye-Catching Front Doors

Whether through color, size, design, style or materials, front doors that stand out are another trend for 2019. Door manufacturers have been seeing a definite rise in customized entry doors that are either oversized, uniquely shaped, feature a lot of windows, or are brightly colored. Which tells us? Homeowners are looking to catch your eye — they want to dazzle you and make a dramatic first impression.

3. Framed Views

A third trend being detected this year is that of framed views, meaning homeowners are starting to add value to the views that can be seen from their entryways — looking inside and outside the home. This trend is a big reason why entry doors are moving towards incorporating more windows, almost to the point that the door or entryway itself becomes one big window allowing the outside view to permeate and become part of the indoors.

Turning inward, the same can be said for the framed views seen from the front entryway inside the home. High open ceilings and expansive hallways are two popular features that help make for a beautiful view.

4. Hardworking Casual Entries

Formality takes a back seat for the last trend: Casual entryways that work hard for the families that use them. We’re talking neat, clean and stylish, but not especially fancy, and packed with utilitarian type features such as built-in storage, benches, and designated areas for coats, bags, shoes and other gear. Organization is key as well as design elements that stand up to situations like snowy boots or pets scurrying in from their morning walk.

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