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11 Smart Landscaping Ideas for Compact Front Yards

11 Smart Landscaping Ideas for Compact Front Yards

Even the smallest of front yards can exude charming curb appeal. Use these ideas to create gorgeous landscapes and welcoming entries.

Landscaping Layers

Incorporate layers into your front yard’s landscaping to bring dimension and interest. For example, plant a couple rows of evergreens, tallest in back, with a row of colorful annuals in front for a delightful display. Add in some strategically placed planters and window boxes to fill out the look.

Steep Slope Solution

Although challenging, landscaping a front yard with a steep incline can yield a striking result when done right. A good way to handle it is with a one-step-at-a-time strategy. Simply create terraced levels all the way up the incline that can serve as individual planting beds. Once established, they’ll make that slope easier to climb and work with.

Rock On

Large-scale rocks and boulders placed in flowerbeds are a great way to bring dimension into the landscape — especially in more rustic settings. In addition, natural elements add year-round curb appeal. The best part? They’re maintenance-free!

Frame the Walkway

If your front yard features a walkway leading to the front porch, consider lining both sides of it with foliage. Knee-high shrubs make a good choice, or consider florals that coordinate with the front door and porch accessories as a creative way to amp up the curb appeal.

Hardscape Color

Rather than going with the typical blacktop or bland gray concrete walkway, why not shake things up with an earthy stone-colored walkway instead? It’s an easy way to help keep your entryway looking natural and clean. For year-round interest, try incorporating a mixture of textures, foliage and seasonal colors into the garden.

Expand the Porch

A sizable front porch becomes the focal point of a tiny front yard and can provide a fresh and inviting vibe to your home’s entrance. It’s also a great way to add a layer of privacy to the inside of your home. Decorating the space with outdoor furniture and potted plants will create the perfect welcoming atmosphere for guests.

Use Zigzags and Curves

To make your front yard space look larger than it really is, consider zig-zagging the walkway or staggering retaining walls. Further the illusion with smart lighting placement and strategic plantings.

In addition, it’s common knowledge that a straight line is the shortest distance between two points. But when it comes to curb appeal, the unusual is what gets noticed. That’s why a curved walkway will always get more attention than a straight one. Line the pathway with bright flowers to make it even more eye-catching.

Add a Set-Back in Your Fence

Don’t just put your white picket fence straight across the front of your property. Instead, try incorporating small set-backs on both sides of the entryway as an attractive and welcoming detail. The staggered element will bring depth and interest to the front of your home. Place matching flower pots inside the niches for some added charm.

Arched Entryway

Make the front of your home feel like a cozy room instead of a run-of-the-mill yard by putting an arbor at the entrance of the walkway. Couple the arbor with a picket fence and you’ve created an enticing portal that calls out to guests, encouraging them to enter and enjoy.

Greenery Privacy Screen

If your home happens to be close to the street, front porch privacy may be an issue for you. Luckily, this is an easy fix. Simply bring in some greenery in the form of hanging baskets to provide a screen. Ferns, creeping Jenny, flowering annuals and caladium are all useful choices. As a bonus, you’ll be adding lots of ambiance.

Don’t Forget Lighting

Find light fixtures that match your home’s style and light up your entry. Take it a step further by choosing a lamp color that works well with the outside of your home. For example, muted teal fixtures make a nice addition to a beige home.

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