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11 Perfect Places to House Your Hanging Plants

11 Perfect Places to House Your Hanging Plants

With or without a green thumb, embracing the emerging hanging plant trend can require some creativity. For instance, how do you incorporate them into your decor so that you’re happy and they can flourish? Here are a few ideas to find your plant friends the perfect home.

Above the Bathtub

Give your bathroom a fresh look by installing hanging plants above your bathtub. Not only will they give the room a lift, they’ll work for you by providing clean, purified air. Go ahead — run a hot bath bath, lay back and enjoy the fresh air in your lush new retreat.

Covered Patio

What better way to deflect from the harshness of a concrete patio than with greenery? By mixing hanging plants and potted plants, you can build a sanctuary for yourself from the ground up and the ceiling down. Establishing these multiple levels of foliage will create a sense of natural serenity that draws the eye away from any abrasive manmade materials.

Dining Room

Make your dining room a full-body experience. As a room specifically dedicated to nourishing your physical being, why not offer some visual respite as well? While food feeds your body, a hanging plant can feed your soul. Plus, don’t forget hanging plants have air-cleansing qualities to promote overall well-being.

Nestled in a Reading Nook

When paired with plenty of pillows and warm, natural light, nothing draws you in more than a beautiful, trailing plant hanging from the ceiling. It exudes cozy comfort and relaxation.


A transitional space between a home and the great outdoors, your porch extends indoor living spaces outward and simultaneously draws nature inward — hence the natural fit for hanging plants. Create the perfect mix of indoor comforts and raw nature with plenty of lush foliage dangling from the ceiling. Strategically placed hanging plants can also create a privacy barrier if your neighbors are a little too close for comfort.

In Place of Wall Art

Struggling to find the perfect piece of wall art for that one wall? Try experimenting with hanging planters instead. Hang them from the wall or ceiling, fill them with a variety of trailing plants, or go faux — the options are endless!

Tucked in a Living Room Corner

Does your living room have big, beautiful windows? Then you’ve found a home for your light-loving plants. Trying nestling them in a corner where they can be easily admired and maintained without interrupting your home’s traffic flow.


When it comes to hanging plants in the nursery, the key concepts are easy-care and out of reach. You want the benefits of the foliage — beauty, simplicity, purified air — without any potential for your little one to get hold of it.


The foyer is the first and last place guests spend time while in your home. It makes a first impression and the last impression. Don’t you think it should be a space full of vitality and positive energy? Hanging plants fit that bill and will immediately make guests feel welcome and at ease.

Focal Point of a Bedroom

Nix the television and opt for an all-natural plant-based focal point to your bedroom instead. By designating the focal point opposite the bed, it will help establish visual balance in the space. The benefits? Plants lend a sense of serenity to the room and encourage peaceful rest.

Home Office

Breathe life into your home office with vibrant foliage! Choose light-colored planters to balance the dark, masculine characteristics of the room. Tight on floor space? No worries. Hanging plants are popular in home offices for this very reason. They’re little bundles of joy that don’t mind compact spaces.

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