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10 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Maximize Productivity

10 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Maximize Productivity

With the right small-space solutions, your tiny kitchen doesn’t have to feel so tiny. Use these clever and chic ideas to make the most of the space you have.

Add Task Lighting

Small kitchens need all the task lighting they can get. Not only will the lights brighten the work space, making tasks much easier, they also add quite a bit of style. Sconces mounted over the countertop and sink areas is a popular choice.

Squeeze in Extra Storage

To shoehorn in additional storage, consider going vertical by adding little cubbies in open areas above a window or your stove. Just make sure you have a safe means of reaching them, like a stepstool or small ladder.

Start Editing

Do you really need 20 serving dishes and 15 extra bowls? Go through your kitchen and pare down your stuff to just the bare essentials. You’ll be shocked at how much space you have to work with. In addition, a simplified space makes any textural elements in the room really stand out.

Store Things Above Cupboards

If you have room between your cabinets and the ceiling, then you have storage. Simply add wicker baskets or another appropriate storage container and it’s the perfect place to stash kitchen tools you don’t use very often.

Slip in a Bar Cart

While a kitchen island is most likely not an option in your minuscule kitchen, why not try the next best thing? Not only will a bar cart give you a little more storage, it’s also mobile so can be taken out of the kitchen completely when necessary. If you can find a small rolling cart with a butcher block top for cooking prep? Even better.

Get Creative

Think outside the box when it comes to uncovering potential space-saving solutions. Every little surface is in play — even the ones that don’t appear to be functional. A great example of this kind of strategic thinking is installing a simple rod with hooks under shelves to hang cooking utensils and mugs.

Backless Stools

For little kitchens with breakfast nooks or lunch counters, definitely go with backless stools, as they can easily slip under the counter to save space. Try to pick a color that will blend in so that they serve to unify the room.

Hang Pots and Pans

Install an industrial pot rack on an empty wall or in an unused corner to store bulky pans that hog up valuable cupboard space. Not only is this solution functional, it’s stylish!

Add A Shelf Above the Stove

Expand your tiny kitchen’s storage space by installing extra shelves where they’ll be most functional, such as above the stove. Easy on the wallet, this simple solution saves valuable floor space as well. Also consider putting wide windowsills to good use as an extra surface.

Bring In a Tall Table

If your kitchen is too small for a proper dining table, but too big to not have a table at all, then consider a tall table. It is compact and can be used as both an island and a nook.

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