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10 Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas

10 Living Room Ceiling Design Ideas

Get inspired to make over your fifth wall with these great design ideas. From paint treatments to ceiling tiles to wood panels and more, you’ll definitely find something perfect for your living room!

1. Show Off Engineered Lumber

Traditionally made from hand-hewn trees or solid lumber, roof beams now have competition from the recently invented “glulam” beams created from layers of flexible wood strips glued together to form laminated wood beams. The beauty of these new beams are that they can form curves and arches in addition to straight runs, and can create architectural shapes that were very difficult to make a few decades ago.

2. Use Molding to Create a Coffered Ceiling

Although a true coffered ceiling brings heavy ornamental beams to mind that crisscross and create a grid of deep recesses in a high ceiling, a similar effect can be made on a low ceiling by applying a grid of stock moldings. To add contrast, simply paint the moldings in a color or sheen that contrasts the ceiling’s surface. For a more contemporary look, consider arranging the molding in a unique layout rather than a traditional grid.

3. Lighten Heavy Beams with Paint

If you have dark beams looming heavy over your living room area, try lightening the mood by painting both the walls and beams a crisp shade of white. The walls will blend into the ceiling to enhance the feeling of height and openness. Complete the airy look with a neutral rug and furniture.

4. Get Dynamic with Paint

Instead of opting for wallpaper, get creative and paint your own ceiling pattern. Use color and shape to develop a design that complements the space by either mimicking the shapes and colors of your furniture, rug or another focal point in the room.

5. Use Ceiling Tiles

Ceiling tiles are a simple way to incorporate texture and contrast to a living room, whether through finish or color. For instance, you can coat them with a glossy paint to add interest and overhead depth, or you can also mix and match styles, like adding more traditionally styled paneled tiles to contrast contemporary decor.

6. Update a Barrel-Vaulted Ceiling

Give your barrel-vault ceiling design a new twist by using light wood ceiling beams. This is especially effective when the ceiling contrasts with darker walls and flooring. In a room designed for relaxation and informal gatherings, the slightly bowed arches of the ceiling give a protective, sheltered feeling.

7. Embrace the Unexpected

Many older homes have treasure in the form of beautiful, natural building materials hidden just below the surface. If that’s the case with your home, consider showcasing these natural building materials for ceilings, walls and flooring. The results could be stunning!

8. Create a Clean Contrast

While it’s true that natural wood beams can provide contrast from light colored walls and ceilings, they typically do not fit with contemporary decor. To achieve a similar effect in a more contemporary style, try painting beams and crown molding a solid color rather than using stain. For instance, warm gray ceiling beams and molding stand out against white walls and a white ceiling. As a bonus, the neutral colors allow any little bits of color to pop throughout the room.

9. Make It Metallic

Often hard to come by in certain parts of the home, natural light should be something interior design embraces. A metallic ceiling, whether wallpapered, tiled or painted, does just that by bouncing natural light around the room. It not only helps lighten the room, but adds warmth and character as well.

10. Add Texture with Beadboard

For subtle texture and cottage appeal, beadboard wall treatments can be used on the ceiling. In a more airy space, white glossy beadboard will add just enough texture to the ceiling to draw the eye upward, without overwhelming the decor. In addition, beadboard is available in wood, vinyl, and PVC options, as well as planks and panels, making it versatile enough to fit a wide range of styles.

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