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10 Fence Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

10 Fence Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Regardless of the purpose of your proposed fence — privacy, border definition, or to keep pets in — there are many options to choose from that are affordable. Use these creative ideas to find one that will work for you.

Keep in mind that when it comes to fencing materials, wood is generally less expensive than vinyl, but will require more maintenance in the long run. Treated pine is probably the most affordable wood option, then cedar, and then redwood and teak are at the high end. Wrought iron, vinyl, stone and brick fences are the most costly materials.

Split Rail

A smart looking option, especially for ranch-style homes, split rail fencing is a great way of marking boundaries on large properties. This type of fence needs less materials due to there being so much space between the rails. Because of this, the costs tend to be less.

Corrugated Metal

Another budget-friendly fencing option that many overlook is corrugated metal. The metal sheets can be cut to size and then coupled with vertical or horizontal wood posts, or both. This option works well with homes that are more modern.

Privet Hedge Fence

Privet is a hedge or shrub that features semi-evergreen, dense foliage. It can grow up to 10 feet high and makes a great “living fence,” or formal hedge or shrub. The downside? It grows very quickly and requires trimming about four times a year. Also, it’s leaves and berries are poisonous to humans and animals. Other living fence options include spotted laurel and yew, a slow-growing hedge.

Hog Wire Fence

Affordable and low-profile, hog-wire fences are typically used by ranchers to fence in livestock. However, if you are trying to keep an open look in your yard or garden, this can be an attractive option. Just be sure to use a heavy-gauge wire so that it stands up to the elements. Hog-wire fencing with wooden frames exhibits a more professional look, while eliminating the wood frames will save you even more money.

Wood & Wood/Wire Combo

Employing a basic wood fence design will deliver a custom look without the expense of stone or other more costly material options. It can also be paired with wire, such as a simple wood framework with wire fill-in, to cover a lot of acreage.

For those on tight budgets, a good strategy is to invest your money where it delivers the biggest payoff. For example, using handsome wooden posts to ground your fence entryway makes the plain wire fencing on the ends look more refined.


Using lattice as the predominant material for your fence may not be the best choice for those wanting privacy, but it’s a great choice if open and airy is the look you’re after.

Chain Link

Although lacking aesthetically, chain link fencing is inexpensive and does a great job of keeping children and pets safe. A black vinyl coated variety is available, which looks better than plain. In addition, you could paint your chain link fence a shade of green that will help it blend into the background, or cover it in vines or climbers like wisteria, creeping fig, honeysuckle or clematis to make it more visually appealing.

Pallet Fence

The epitome of cheap fencing is one made from repurposed pallets — can you say FREE? Found on construction sites and other locations (just ask before taking them), they can be installed horizontally or vertically when used as fencing.


Another living fence option is clumping bamboo. Green, inexpensive and effective, bamboo makes an attractive choice for any outdoor entertainment space or visual barrier. Just avoid the extremely invasive “running” variety that will take over your entire yard.

Vertical Versus Horizontal

Because horizontal fences require longer boards than a vertical fence, they tend to be more expensive. That being said, the extra cost might be worth it as horizontal fences create a sophisticated, modern aesthetic that is well suited for homes exhibiting contemporary or midcentury styles.

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